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Tips For Buyers In A Sellers Market

As the spring market begins, and the cold winter months are behind us many new sellers are on the forefront. With the economy moving quickly upwards and home prices increasing it is inevitable that sellers are at an advantage. The real estate inventory is moving quickly making it hard for buyers, looking for a good deal, to get their foot in the door. However, there are a few tips for buyers to keep a competitive advantage in this competitive market.

1. Choose a real estate agent who works full-time! You need an agent who is just as competitive as you in finding your dream home. If your agent isn’t the first one to check the daily market reports and send you all the new listings you may miss the opportunity on that fantastic deal! Your agent should also be available on weekends and late evenings, to give you the best chance of being the first offer on your perfect home.

2. Be patient, and ensure your agent is too. If you have an agent who is pressuring you to buy something NOW, this might not be the right fit for you if you are looking for a great price. You won’t find that perfect home in one day, one week, and sometimes even months! That should be okay with your agent, and they should be willing to keep looking till you find “the one”.

3. Decide what your top priority is, and stick to it! When looking for a good deal you won’t always find everything on your list, however, you should have a non-negotiable list. If finding a good deal is your number one priority then you might have to negotiate on a few items. Decide what is most important to you whether it be acreage, location, size, etc. Make sure your agent knows your non-negotiables and that they are looking for deals that include these.