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Hamilton MT Realtor

Growing up here in Hamilton my friends had ambitions of running off to California or the West Coast, however, I never wanted anything more than the Bitterroot Valley. I knew right off the bat how great my hometown was. I love to run the local trails, ski our beautiful mountains, and attend our local farmers’ markets where everybody knows everybody. How could I ever want any different?

I have always valued our close-knit community, family, and our beautiful valley and love living the dream in the last best place. Throughout my childhood I developed close ties to our valley through community service and sports, now I continue to focus my efforts on building a better community and strengthening my ties to this valley.

Being a third-generation REALTOR I have been attending showings since I was 7 years old, right alongside my mom and grandma. In 2018, at just 18 years old, I decided to pursue real estate as a lifelong career. Although some questioned my age, I set out to prove myself. I quickly gained momentum, and am now in the top sales for agents in the Bitterroot Valley. A huge aspect of my success has been extreme customer service and up-to-date knowledge.

I would love the opportunity to help you achieve your dream of becoming a part of this beautiful community or continue living the dream here in the last best place. Please contact me to purchase your dream home or to make an investment and begin your life alongside our local rivers, nestled up in the mountains or cozied up in our family-like downtown.