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Kenton & Marilyn Anderson

We were so happy to work with Lyric DeVries as our Realtor while we helped my husband’s sister sell her home in Hamilton, Montana. His sister is 87 years old and lost her husband almost a year and a half ago. She has still been going through the grief process and at the same time trying to sell her home. My husband and I were the ones that worked closely with Lyric. Lyric was so kind and loving with my husband’s sister and helped her understand what would happen and all the details that she would take care of. Lyric was a joy and a delight for us to work with. She went the extra mile in every way, helping my husband and I with things that she normally wouldn’t have had to do as a realtor, but was willing to do because we lived out of state. We highly recommend her. She will work her hardest and do everything in her power to help you either sell your house or find a home to buy. We grew to love her for her goodness and the hard work she put in. You can’t go wrong with her as your Realtor.