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How to Navigate Real Estate During COVID-19

Because of the COVID-19 virus, there is uncertainty looming around real estate, and, well everything. Sellers are concerned about people being in their homes, buyers are concerned about their employment and if their loans will be maintained. Throughout the last two weeks, DeVries Real Estate has been taking extra precautions, due to COVID-19, for our clients and has been working (from home) to ensure our clients are taken care of. Here are a few tips to help our buyers and sellers navigate these difficult times during COVID-19.

Buyers Tips

  1. Buyers should talk with their lender as soon as possible and discuss options for financing. Since rates have been fluctuating lately it is a great time to communicate with your lender and lock-in an extra-low rate.
  2. Communicate with your lender and realtor if your employment changes. Since many people are without a job during this time it may be difficult to continue your buying process. Get in touch with your lender and discuss options. You can also communicate with your realtor about adjusting your buying strategy.
  3. Be extra patient! During this time there is great potential to get a good deal on a home, so be patient and wait for the right one.

Sellers Tips

  1. Talk with your realtor about your timeline and gameplan! If you are in no hurry to sell you might not need to change much, but if you are looking to sell quickly you may want to make a gameplan for how to execute this. The sooner you can communicate and adjust for these unforeseen circumstances the better!
  2. Ensure your agent knows what your comfortable with during this time. If you don’t want anyone in your home, let your agent know that! Right now DeVries Real Estate is offering different strategies to continue to market your home while remaining safe during this time. We would love to talk about your options here:
  3. Enjoy your home! Selling a home can be a very sentimental time. Try to enjoy your days in this home now! Whether you’re moving out of state, or just down the road, this is a great time to reflect on the memories you’ve made here. Try to make the most of this time.

During this time I am more thankful than ever to be living here in Montana. We have so many beautiful places to explore, and although this isn’t the way I would prefer to be doing it, I am grateful to have time to explore my home. I’ve been spending more time with family, and more time fly fishing than I ever have!

I hope that wherever you are during this time you continue to feel gratitude, continue to uplift others, and continue to spread hope.

All my best,



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